Aug 23, 2010

Race discrimination suspected in couple's delay to sell home

George Willborn, popular comedian and radio personality, claims he was denied the purchase of a ahouse by a white couple, Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, selling their chicago home because of his race.
On August 10, 2010, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that the couple along with their real estate agent Jeffrey Lowe will be charged with violating fair housing law. The the Willborns state the couple demonstrated "strange behaviour" during the house tour, and are accused of postponing negotiations although the Wilborns made a $1.7 million offer, the highest the sellers had received during the two years the home was on the market. Further, the Sabbias allegedly took the property off the market to avoid selling to the Wilborns. The real estate agent Jeffrey Lowe told government officials that the Sabbias did not want to sell to African Americans.
Wilborn filed the complaint in January, it was amended in March and July. The cases will be heard before an administrative judge unless the parties decided otherwise. Once learning of the complaint, the Sabbias offred to sell the property and all of its furnishings for $1.8 million. Punitive damages or equitable relief can be awarded if the judge finds the Wilborns were discriminated against.

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