Mar 31, 2009

Housing Authority Attempts to Evict Mentally Disabled Man

Boston Housing Authority v. Bridgewaters, 2009 WL 26765 (Mass.)
Defendant was a mentally disabled man living with his brother in an apartment under the Boston Housing authority. He was not on his medication for manic depression and was transitioning between doctors when he assaulted his brother. The housing authority brought eviction proceedings. BHA got judgment for possession of the apartment. Court vacates and remands. Under 3604(f)(3)(B) discrimination includes "a refusal to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services." The court found that the Defendant made a request when he expressed a desire to continue his tenancy and that there were no "magic words" required in making this request. Further, the BHA had to accept that his disability caused the violence if they were unable to prove otherwise.

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